Practice Areas

Practice Areas


• Assault & Battery   • Murder   • Manslaughter   • Child Abuse & Neglect   • Child Sexual Abuse   • Domestic Abuse   • Burglary   • Rape   • DUI & DWI   • MIC & MIP   • Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance   • Possession of CDS with Intent to Distribute   • Manufacturing CDS   • Grand Larceny   • Indecent or Lewd Acts with a Minor   • Kidnapping   • Money Laundering   • Offering to Sell False Identification Documents   • Obstructing an Officer   • Pointing a Firearm   • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia   • Public Intoxication   • Robbery   • Trafficking in Controlled Dangerous Substance   • Unlawful Possession of a Weapon   • Victims Protection Orders


• Divorce   • Paternity   • Divorce Modification   • Legal Separation   • Child Custody & Visitation   • Child Support   • DHS & Deprived Child Actions   • Adoption   • GAL (Guardian Ad Litem)   • Guardianship   • Protective Orders   • Name Changes   • QDRO   • Grandparents’ Rights


• Mediation   • Contracts   • Contract Disputes   • Breach of Contract Claims   • Equitable Claims   • Civil Lawsuit Defense   • Aircraft Title Litigation   • Business Formation   • Business Dissolution Disputes   • Real Estate   • Construction Law   • Professional Licensing Issues – Including Disciplinary Matters

Appellate Law:

• Oklahoma   • Administrative Appeals   • 10th Circuit Court of Appeals   • Federal Circuit Court of Appeals   • United States Supreme Court

Personal Injury (Tort Claims):

• Automobile Accident   • Trucking Accident   • Insurance Disputes   • Motorcycle Accident   • Wrongful Termination

American Indian Law:

• Gaming   • Government Relations   • Sovereignty   • Federal Court Litigation   • Land Issues

Estate & Probate:

• Wills    • Probate

Personal Injury & Insurance

TTB LAW is trial tested in handling personal injury cases and accident involved insurance disputes. The TTB LAW team will get you the compensation you deserve. Personal injury law refers to lawsuits brought as a result of injury from car accidents caused by other drivers, injury due to faulty products, or injury from poor professional practices. TTB LAW also takes on insurance companies who do not treat their own customers legally or in good faith.

TTB LAW will carefully review the details of your case and develop a strategy to ensure you are heard and receive what you are entitled to. Then we will get your case ready to try in court. We will go the distance to fight insurance companies who believe they can scare you away from going to court. When you are looking for a personal injury lawyer, call us for the personal attention and results your case deserves.

Criminal Law

TTB LAW is the best and most experienced firm handling criminal cases in the OKC Metro. We have handled thousands of cases, taking many of those to jury trial with successful verdicts. We have seen the most challenging legal battles in criminal law a legal team can face. Through our work, our clients have been rightly acquitted of murder and rape charges. We have been in the fire and have withstood the heat.

Using the TTB LAW Method, we will carefully review the details of your case and develop a strategy to ensure you receive the defense you are entitled to. We will not merely run you through the system, but will advocate to get the best result we can. We offer free telephone consultations for any potential clients interested in our services. Upon completion of of the telephone consultation, and with your approval, we can get right to work for you. We will bill you fairly for our services, and will work to maintain the trust you’ve placed in our team.

Many times clients come to us after unsatisfactory relationships with other attorneys or firms. If you aren’t receiving the representation you deserve, TTB Law will change the trajectory of your case.

TTB LAW has earned the respect of both our clients and the courts. Our results and client satisfaction speak for themselves. Contact TTB LAW to find the experience and results you’re looking for.

Family Law

TTB LAW is a team of fearless thinkers who are ready to help yo navigate the waters that are family law. Our team is skilled in all the areas of family law and the issues that arise under these types of cases.

Our firm has successfully tried hundreds of family law cases for our clients. Under the TTB LAW team approach, our clients are represented fairly and with the integrity for which our firm is known.

We understand that our family law clients are facing difficult life changes. We work hard to make the experience with our firm positive in the midst of challenging life circumstances. We provide sound legal counsel that allows our clients to make solid decisions about the important matters they are facing.

We offer free telephone consultations for any potential clients interested in our services. Upon completion of the telephone consultation, and with your approval, we can get right to work for you.

Turn to TTB LAW if you are looking for compassionate legal expertise in the areas of family law.

Business & Real Estate Law

TTB LAW has experience in all areas of business and real estate law. Our team includes professionals who have business experience outside the legal profession prior to becoming attorneys. Our business experience paired with our legal expertise combine to provide you with the best representation available.

From helping with complex business transactions to navigating through contract litigation, we collaborate with our clients to achieve results and add value. We work to get the right result.

With our unique set of business, negotiation and trial experience, TTB LAW clients benefit from unparalleled legal knowledge as well as grit and determination in the representation of their cases.

American Indian Law

Our broad expertise in Native American Law allows us to develop innovative strategies to solve your problems. We provide comprehensive legal services to tribal governments and tribal agencies. We represent tribal clients in matters involving the expansion, enhancement and protection of tribal sovereignty, the enforcement of the federal trust responsibility, holding the United States accountable for both treaty-based and statutory commitments, the protection of land and natural resources, federal recognition, gaming, contracting and financing of tribal projects.

Our lawyers also work closely with tribal clients to draft, review and update tribal legislation, codes of laws, procedures and systems. We understand the governmental issues specific to Tribes and are fully committed to providing the most cost effective and ethical legal services. We commit the time and energy to deliver value. We work to continue to move the Tribe forward.

Appellate Law

The TTB LAW team strives to have every case decided correctly the first time. Unfortunately, sometimes, judges and juries get it wrong. TTB LAW’s team works to resolve those mistakes in the appellate courts. Unlike trial law, in an appeal there is no trial. An appellate court reviews the decisions of trial courts, looking for errors of law or fact, using the record – the recorded facts and evidence – from the trial court.

Because appeals are so different from original trials, an experienced appellate lawyer is absolutely essential to anyone who wants to appeal a case or defend a case that has been appealed. Using the TTB LAW Method, we work with you to guide you through the appellate process.



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