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Motorcycle accidents can lead to tragic consequences. If you’ve been injured while riding your motorcycle and you believe someone else was at fault, contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Oklahoma City to seek compensation for your suffering and hold the at-fault parties responsible.

Motorcyclists are at high risk for injury when riding their bikes, even when wearing a helmet. When riding a motorcycle, the body remains unprotected from potential collisions with other vehicles on the road. Severe and sometimes life-altering injuries can be inflicted upon a motorcyclist in a wreck that leaves the vehicle driver without a scratch. When collisions like this occur, it’s important to seek legal help.

If you were riding your motorcycle and suffered injuries due to the negligent or careless actions of someone else on the road, you deserve compensation for your damages. Although it can be hard for the courts to abandon the stigma of reckless motorcyclists, the attorneys at Talley Turner Bertman will advocate for your rights. We know that many accidents involving motorcyclists aren’t due to biker mistakes.

An Oklahoma City motorcycle accident lawyer can perform a deep investigation of your accident, gather all of the evidence, and ensure the liable parties in your wreck are held responsible for their actions. In the courtroom, we’ll negotiate on your behalf in order to maximize your settlement.

Causes of Motorcycle Wrecks in Oklahoma City

Motorcycle accidents can occur for numerous reasons and, particularly in urban areas where roadways are more congested, there’s a higher chance of driver error. Knowing why your bike wreck happened can be crucial to naming a defendant in your case and winning a settlement. The cause of your wreck can help determine what type of injuries you’ve suffered and how the liable party was negligent.

Some of the common causes of motorcycle wrecks include the following:

  • Speeding
  • Improper changing lanes
  • Splitting lanes
  • Sudden stops
  • Motorcycle and car malfunctions
  • Driving under the influence
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Bad road conditions

Your Oklahoma motorcycle accident attorney will use any police reports, witness testimonies, photographs, and video footage available to determine how your accident happened. They will then use that cause to move forward with your lawsuit.

The Reckless Biker Stereotype

Pursuing a motorcycle accident lawsuit may seem daunting because there’s a reckless biker stereotype that continues to pervade the public and court system opinion. It’s likely that you’ll begin a lawsuit having to fight harder as the motorcyclist because of this stigma However, motorcyclists still have a strong chance of winning settlements in court when negligence can clearly be established.

With the help of an experienced legal team, you can rest assured that we’ll fight to get your damages covered and erase the reckless biker stigma from the minds of the judge and jury.

Determining Who Caused Your Bike Accident

Although it’s likely that another driver on the road caused your bike accident, there can also be other contributing factors. It’s important to examine all liable parties in your crash if you want to maximize your claim value.

For example, if a driver hits you on the road because they’re texting while driving, they can be held liable for your wreck. But, if your bike malfunctions, your bike’s manufacturer may share fault in the collision. A thorough investigation of your accident can ensure that every aspect of the wreck is examined and all at-fault parties are held accountable.

How Your Motorcycle Injuries Can Affect Your Life

Injuries from a motorcycle accident can range in severity. However, it’s likely that you’ll accumulate significant medical expenses from your damages. Broken bones, spinal damage, and traumatic brain injuries are common after motorcycle crashes because the body is vulnerable to the force of a collision.

The potential consequences of these injuries may include surgeries, physical therapy, and medications. In the most severe cases, spinal damage can lead to loss of motor and sensory function as well as permanent paralysis. Traumatic brain injuries can lead to memory loss, learning disabilities, and complete loss of body control.

When someone else is responsible for changing your life in such a detrimental way, it’s essential that they also be financially responsible for the aftermath.

Recoverable Damages in Motorcycle Accident Claims

Medical expenses, both present and future, are prioritized in settlement claims, but there are also numerous other damages that should be considered when calculating your claim value. Property damages in a motorcycle crash should be considered and so should loss of income from being out of work.

Pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium, and scarring and disfigurement are known as non-economic damages you may have experienced that can be monetized and added into your claim value.

Oklahoma City Motorcycle Accident FAQ

You may be hesitant to move forward with a lawsuit if you have unanswered questions or concerns. Having doubts is understandable because the legal process is overwhelming. We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions below, but our team is also available to speak to you in a no-obligation consultation about any specific questions you may have.

Do I still have grounds for a lawsuit if I wasn’t wearing a helmet?

In the state of Oklahoma, you’re required to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle if you’re under the age of seventeen. If you’re older than seventeen, wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is optional. This is good news because it means you didn’t break the law by not wearing a helmet. Although not wearing a helmet might make your case more complex, you still have grounds for a lawsuit.

Do I have to go to court for my motorcycle accident lawsuit?

We strive to negotiate all settlements outside of court. However, it’s likely that the defendant’s insurance company won’t agree to pay you the full amount of money you deserve. For this reason, we’re always prepared to go to court. If we do have to go to court, we’ll fight for you and negotiate on your behalf to maximize your claim so you receive the full amount you deserve.

How long do I have to file a claim for compensation?

The state of Oklahoma has a statute of limitations of two years in place for personal injury claims. This means you’ll have two years from the date that your motorcycle accident occurred to hire a lawyer, gather all of the relevant evidence, and file a claim for compensation. If you don’t file within the two-year time limit, the court won’t hear your case and you won’t receive any compensation.

Contact an Oklahoma City Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Being injured on your motorcycle can be a terrifying experience. At Talley Turner Bertman, our goal is to help you recover as quickly as possible by eliminating your financial stress during this difficult time. Hopefully, with our help, we can identify all at-fault parties in your case and maximize your subsequent settlement. We want you to walk away from your claim with a sense of closure and justice.

To discuss your case in greater detail with an Oklahoma City motorcycle accident lawyer, fill out the contact form below or call 405-254-8548 to schedule a free consultation.


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